Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Campbell's Companies

If you have any information on Alfred S. Campbell or Campbell Art Company or Campbell Studio please blog!

Some of Alfred S. Campbell's Businesses .... Further details required:

Sarony & Co. - Napoleon Sarony & Alfred S. Campbell:

  • Biographies stated Alfred S. came to this country with Sarony in 1866
  • Sarony & Co. studio at 680 Broadway
  • Begin photographing Theatre and Important People, "right away" at least 1868
  • Listed as Copartnership or Corporation in 1968
  • They were photographers to many Ivy League schools 1869-71
  • Sarony & Co. studio is described as a "small glass" studio plain, unlike what Saorny is known for.
  • Alfred S. Campbell's work at Sarony & Co. is described in a magazine as strictly business partner while Sarony made a name for himself as an artist “These observations we make in the exhibition room where Mr. Campbell presides as he does in every part of the establishment except the operating room.” …"many mechanics and assistants work at studio..."
  • Unsure of year they parted, 1870 or 1871/2?

Fremasons - Alfred S. Campbell listed as Fremason, NJ 1871

Alfred S. Campbell Art Company, Elizabeth, NJ. - Unsure of exact year - 1871? –
· Also known as AS Campbell Art Co. or Campbell Art Co.

Price & Campbell -

  • They Patent #: 199466 filed in 1877 -
  • Alfred S. Campbell and Francis H. Price are listed as Copartners or Corporation in 1879, still listed as partnered in 1884. Office listed at 680 Broadway, the address he shared with Sarony & Co. (Were they still affiliated in some way?)
  • Unsure of what business besides above patent they did!?
  • Unsure of date this partnership dissolved?

Landon, Kent & Co. and Planting Mill, Charleston, W. VA –

  • Alfred S. Campbell Art Co. Capitalized on above at 400,000 in 1899
  • Also expands to Baltimore MD in 1899

NY Campbell Showrooms - In 1899 he advertised New-York Art Rooms 377-379 Broadway.

Campbell Studio – 564-568 Fifth Avenue.

  • Gets photographer, Rudolf Eikemeyer to run this NY portrait studio. 1899.
  • Campbell Studio (T.N.) Campbell Art Co. NY (568 5th Ave) is dissolved in 1906.
  • It restarts, unknown exact date?? With Henry C. Morand as Director.
  • Then William C. Morand
  • In 1911 the Campbell Studio was with Eickemeyer again, First at Waldorf Astoria than,
  • Sometime around 1912-13 Campbell Studio w/Eickemeyer moves to 538 Fifth Ave.

Montauk Photographic Manufacturing Co of Trenton , NJ –

  • Alfred S. Campbell partnered in corporation. 1899
  • (authorized capitol of $500,000) Manufactures cameras and other photographic supplies.
  • Among other incorporators were, Wesley Allison (Philadelphia), Gustave C. Gennert.

Alfred S. Campbell's businesses thrived long after his death.

I am unsure if Alfred S. Campbell had anything to do with Campbell Printing Press and Manufacturing Plant. I have found a few connections.

Don't Forget: If you have any information on Alfred S. Campbell or Campbell Art Company or Campbell Studio - or a photograph or print .... please share!


  1. I have a black and white print from Campbell Art Co. Elizabeth NJ and it is set in romanesque times or theater with a liar and tambourine with 4 male and 1 female and cannot find any prints even similar to the one i have and was wondering how to find out what and when it was done.

  2. Hi, your e-mail link doesn't seem to be working.I know it has been a while and the page seems a bit dead but I recently bought a photo that was haunting me for a month, and I was hoping maybe you could answer a few questions.

  3. I have a black and white print from Campbell Art Co. Patented in 1896. Elizabeth NJ. It's a Greek piece and the large frame that came with it had Education of a Greek Youth carved into the wood. I don't know if that is the title or not. The artist was Otto (but the last name has fallen off the painting due to slight damage. I'm assuming the artist was Otto Sarony.