Monday, February 23, 2009

Alfred S. Campbell Family History

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Campbell Family History

Alfred S. Campbell – Photographer, Entrepreneur, born 1840, England, came to US 1866,
died in France but home in Elizabeth NJ, 1912)
Annie Campbell – wife (born 1843?)
Father was Irish Mother English.
Immediate Family:
Emma Campbell, (b 1866 - )
Minnie (1868 – 1880 or 1881)
Florence Campbell – (1870 -
Possibly married Gustave Gennert (owned photography patents, Montauk Photographic Manufacturing Co. with Alfred Campbell)
Lottie Campbell (1875 –
Isabella (Izzy) Campbell (1877 – 1915)- NY Times obituary claims died as Isabella Smith Campbell

Arthur P. Campbell (1872 – 1955?) - Family (from NY Times Obituary Dec. 8, 1955)–

Mrs. James W. Hand Jr. of Greenwich Village, NY
4 sons:
Alfred S. Campbell of Alrinton, VT;
William R. Campbell & Colin Campbell - city unknown
Fourth unknown

On 1880 Census their household also listed two dressmakers:
Mattie Higgins (1854 -
Annie Kline (1835 -

According to 1880 census, only Florence, Arthur and Lottie, were at school this year. The other family members were “at home”

When Alfred S. Campbell died his obituary claims he left a wife, son and only 3 daughters. I believe, Minnie passed and I am not sure which other daughter did not survive. Isabella died two years after Alfred.

Alfred S. Campbell made his home in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Last known(of Annie, widow) at 554 Madison Ave., Elizabeth, NJ.
In 1921 listing, Campbell Art Co. Art Printers were at 1144 Elizabeth Ave., Elizabeth, NJ, and son Arthur P. Campbell owned or worked for an ad agency at 546 Madison Ave., NY


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