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Who May Know Alfred S. Campbell...Campbell Art Co.

Back in 1892 the Campbell Art company employed over 300 people, when it was rebuilt the company grew.
Alfred S. Campbell Art Company distributed their postcards, stereoviews, calendars, cards, fineart prints, etc. all over the country and at least in England; employing numerous salesman, artists, photographers and later, authors of verse, etc.
The Campbell Studio also employed many.
Montauk Photographic Co. & Landon, Kent & Co. also employed many.
Not to mention the stockholders....

Someone must know someone who knew or worked for this man!!!
Please share your information and photos!!!

Here’s a list of a few names associated with Alfred S. Campbell, Campbell Art Company, Campbell Studios, etc…

Employees or Business partners of Campbell:

Napoleon Sarony: Brought Alfred S. Campbell to US

Oliver Sarony – Napoleon’s brother.
Famous Photographer in England at the time. I assume they met!

Otto Sarony – Napoleon’s son, worked with Alfred S. Campbell at Sarony & Co. while it was still partners, Napoleon Sarony & Alfred S. Campbell. Approx 1870-1.

Mr. Richardson – Negative developer at Sarony & Co.

Yale, Dartmouth, West Point, Harvard Staff & Students 1869-1871 – Sarony & Co. were photographers.

Francis H. Price – They collaborated on Patent, then partnered in Price & Campbell
listed in Trow Corporation Directory NY . approx 1877

Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr. – Photographer, Managed than partnered, Campbell Studios, NY.

George Henry Morand – Photographer, Managed / President Campbell Studios

Henri C Morand – Photographer, NY manager

JH Scarborough – Witness on Campbell’s Patent drawing. Perhaps they worked together later as well. Scarborough patented many ideas for Campbell Printing Press & Mfg. Co. though I am unsure of Alfred’s relation to that company.

William Thurston Gilbert – Yale graduate. Director, Alfred S. Campbell Art Company.

John Walton - A foreman of Alfred S. Campbell's (Art Co.) Picture Factory. Burned the factory down in 1892 to hide his theft of silver.

Wesley Allison (Philadelphia) – partner in Montauk Photographic Co.

Gustave C. Gennert (Ny, NJ, IL) – Partner in Montauk Photographic Co. possibly also married Alfred Campbell’s daughter Florence. (Mrs. Florence Campbell Gennert mentioned)

Arthur Rice – Director, Vice-President, then President Alfred S. Campbell Art Co. Well known sportsman, possibly also lawyer.

Perry Chamberlain - NY Representative for the Campbell Art Company, NJ.

Emil Jacob - Manager for Campbell Art Company Factory

Robert D. Benson – Director, President Campbell Art Co.

William S. Benson – Secretary, Director Campbell Art Co.

Dickson Q. Brown – Director then President Campbell Art Co.

Alanson A. Sumner - Director Campbell Art Co.

George T. Rogers - Director Campbell Art Co.

Walter Miller - worked for Campbell Art Co. 1908-16, as Supt & Treasurer.

Charles B. Morse - Publication manager of the Campbell Art Co.

Fritz Hoeflich - Connected with the Campbell Art Company


Obituary in times states he was friends with Thomas Nash, William Cullen Bryant, Kate Fields, Joseph Jefferson, Henry W. Longfellow

Charlotte Cushman - German Tenor Singer. One of first sitters at Sarony & Co. NY

These people may not have remembered him fondly but ...

J. M. Burnett, - Alfred S. Campbell judgement.

JR Franklin - Alfred S. Campbell judgement.

Joseph Tilney - Alfred S. Campbell judgement.

Henry Pellatt - Alfred S. Campbell judgement.

Theodore H. Smith – Campbell Art Co. took legal action against him.

T. Olive - Campbell Art Co. took legal action against him.

Frances S. Campbell –Sued Campbell Art Company.

Richard Bong - Sued Campbell Art Company.

Mcguire & Collier – Lawyers for Campbell - There were a few!!!

Don't forget ... If you have information on Alfred S. Campbell Art Co., Elizabeth, NJ or Campbell Studio, NY please email or blog. Also send your photos of works from either...

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